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SOS Children's Villages Cape Verde elected 'Social Partner of the year' during the 2012 CVMA

The second edition of the Cabo Verde Music Awards (CVMA) gala took place on 10 March 2012 in the National Assembly building. And this year, the well-known Cape Verdean musical event has elected SOS Children's Villages Cape Verde 'Social Partner for the year 2012' as a way to help needy children for this social development organisation.
During the gala, a video about the work that SOS Children's Villages Cape Verde was shown to the crowd 800 people present that night, introducing them to the growth of the organisation's intervention in the country since its first Children's Village was inaugurated in1984, in the town of Assomada, at the heart of Santiago Island.
Being the social partner of the year, SOS Children's Villages Cape Verde received a symbolic cheque of 10% of the revenues of this year's CVMA (about 1,450 USD) from the hands of the CVMA financial director, Mr Zito Sequeira.
Two days before the CVMA gala, a group of nominated artists visited SOS Children's Village Assomada and had the opportunity to get a better insight on the work accomplished by the organisation. They were also informed about the national sponsorship campaign that will be carried out in the country, which aim is to mobilize as many 'SOS Friends' and all artists were keen on the idea of becoming an 'SOS Friend'.
Since last December, SOS Children's Villages Cape Verde and the organisers of the CVMA have been developing partnerships in various awareness campaigns with the Capeverdean society in the country and with the diaspora to support the work undertaken by the organisation.