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Bob prized for Social Action

Bob, one of Assomada's artist and former SOS child, was awarded the prize for 'Social Action' during this second edition of the CVMA.
The organisers of the gala recognised the impact of "Rapacinhu Lantuna’s", Bob's works among the children and teenagers from SOS Children's Villages in Cape Verde, the place where Bob started his first steps in music. Nowadays, Bob dedicates his time in achieving professional standard in music and teaches guitar to the children from SOS Children’s Village Assomada. Bob has proven to be an example of struggle and courage not only for his colleagues, but also for all the children from SOS Children's Villages Cape Verde.
Bob’s profile
Silvestre Alberto Mascarenhas, "Bob", is 33 years old and is originally from Calheta de São Miguel. He lived there until he was admitted in SOS Children's Village Assomada at the age of seven. There, Bob met and shared musical skills with Orlando Pantera, a figure he considers his "master".
The passion for music came at age 14, when SOS Children's Village Assomada opened a music school for all children at the Village. Pantera was one of the monitors of the school.
He began to learn small drumming instruments, but his passion for guitar was great and at the end of the class, when nobody was there, Bob was practicing alone.
In 1998 he gave his first concert in the central square of Assomada. At that time, he was still an insecure young artist who tested his audience by interpreting songs from his "master" Orlando Pantera. The public acceptance surprised him and from then he began to introduce his compositions in the shows where he performed.
It was in this same central square of Assomada, the town that made him man and an artist, that Bob introduced his first solo album, "Rapacinhu Lantuna". Bob explains the album is a compilation of songs he wrote since the '90s.
"Rapacinhu Lantuna" is also a tribute to Pantera. "Undi kim bai bu ta sta djuntu ku mi", which you can hear it in one of his song, is one of the most memorable phrases of this disc. "When I'm on stage I feel his presence", confesses Bob.