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SOS Children’s Villages celebrate the carnival in style.

In São Domingos, it was organized a parade with the presence of parents and people in charge of children education. Children from Ribeirão Chiqueiro School participated and the animation was performed by third military region.

In CV Assomada the creativity was also noticed.

In order to celebrate the 60º anniversary of our organization in the world in general and the 25th anniversary in Cape Verde in particular, it was organized a parade in which participated around 300 children from SOS Kindergarten São Domingos, Assomada Juvenile Centre and Preschool from almost all Santa Catarina Municipality. It could not be chosen a better option for the parade vehicle: an anniversary cake symbolizing the 25 anniversaries of SOS Children’s villages in Cape Verde and as well anniversary of SOS Children’s Village Assomada.
The carnival did not pass disregarded in São Vicente Social Centre. On February 20th children and youth, internals and semi internals made carnival dominos with board paper, pencil and treasure. Each one uses his colour and creativity.

On February 23rd, official carnival eve it was celebrated the SOS 2009 in the centre. Imagination, colours, creativities did not escape on our beneficiaries behalf.
Thanks to a volunteer animator, it was taken the opportunity to pass educative messages linked to environment and through theatrical pieces. There were a lot of spontaneous laughter shouts and good participation from the public side.

There were awards for the three best dresses. After a lot of frolic, dances with carnival’s music, the party ended with a lunch for socialization between the beneficiaries and social centre technical. The public could appreciate with satisfaction the parties of momo organized by SOS Children’s Village what is a motivation to all SOS family.