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A delegation of about 22 people led by the U.S. Embassy in Cape Verde, Mrs Marianne Mylesmade a visiti to SOS CV S. Domingos on 20th anniversary of Peace Corps in our country, celebrated last December 15th.
In this visit the U.S. Embassador, Mrs Marianne Myles, made a conversation with volunteer Mrs . Jennifer Hall, a Peace Corps co-working at the village. Ms Jennifer talked about their professional experience and the reality of the Peace Corps volunteers's work in Cape Verde. During this visit they made a visit to the Library, and to Familiar House 2. Mrs Mariane Myles was very enthusiastic about the repair of houses and the ability of the SOS mother in the control of 8 children and household chores at the sam,e time.
In contact with the staff's administrative staff the U.S. Embassador thanked SOS Village, in particular the Director of Village, Mr. Fernando Pinto, for all the work they have been doing to support the proper development of children. During his speech, the Mrs Marianne Myles reveals his feelings concerning her first visit to this village by telling that she's happy for the work she saw there. To complete this visit, the U.S. Ambassador made a donation of some school materials, in particular books, pens, sports equipment, and some balls for soccer and basketball.
It should be noted that the Peace Corps since its founding in 1961, has already recruited more than 189 thousand Americans to work in developing countries. In Africa, they provide voluntary services in a total of seven thousand and 900 volunteers. Currently, a total of 52 young people are working as volunteers , spread over seven islands of this archipelago. In Cape Verde, the Peace Corps has been partner in various institutions, particularly with the Ministry of Education, municipalities, Secretary of State for Youth and various NGOs Cape Verde. The work carried out highlights the teaching of English in several of the School of Peace Corps.
Since 1988 in Cape Verde , when it was signed an agreement to Government of Cape Verde, the Peace Corps provide technical assistance to developing the country. In the past 20 years, 429 young volunteers, all of them university staff, have provided work to our country.