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1. How was your life before become a volunteer in Cap Vert?

I was a student and I made my A - Level in mai 2008. After this, I didn’t want to go to university right now.
I was a normal young girl, who wanted to go abroad and see more from the world.
So I decided to write an application to SOS Cap Vert – and here I am.

2. What's your great impression when you came to this country?

I remember the day when I came to Assomada, it was the 19th of October. We drove with the car inside the village. As I got out of the car I sow so many kids dancing to some music and laughing. Since this day I was sure that it was a good decision to come here.

3. What's your work at the moment in SOS CV Assomada?

I’ve started an informatic course, for boys and girls. I’ll teach them how to write fast with 10 fingers and the programs Microsoft Word and Excel.
I also do some sport activities with the kids and I’ve a group of mothers and Aunts. We do gymnastics or go walking.

4. In your opinion, what's the most important thing for a volunteer in non-governmental organizations (NGO's)?

The most important part for me as a volunteer is winning over the kid’s hearts.

5. How do you see yourself in the next five years?

When I come home, I’ve to go to university for the next 5 years. In Future I want to be a teacher in Austria.
But I’m sure; I’ll come back at any time…