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IV Musical & Cultural Gala SOS (English Version)

The SOS CV Cap Vert produced the IV Musical and Cultural Gala SOS, in the National Auditory, on 4th May, in order to express our heartfelt, publicly, to the different sponsors, individual and collectives one. The show presented the following artists: the SOS STARS Group, School of Music Pentagrama, Gamal & his group of percussions, and artistic groups from other nationalities such as the Dancing Group from Guiné- Bissau, a Musical Group Senegal and finally the talented Remna, son of the mythic songwriter & vocalist Guinean, José Carlos Schwarz. This Gala was sponsored by national enterprises such as Palácio Fenícia, CV Telecom and ExpoArte.

The auditory was plenty of children accompanied by their SOS Mother, SOS Aunt or youth leader. In the first places were the diplomates of different nationalities. In the opening moment the coral group SOS STAR chanted the Hymn of the Village. The two large doors of the auditory has never stopped seeing the children goes in and out to inside and to outside, enjoying the warm ambiance created by alls. They laughed loud and adventured to the 1.st floor of the auditory to assist to the show from there.

In one of the hot moments in the Gala the Musical Group from Senegal touched everyone with their particular sounds named mbalax; but the most charming and real one moment was proportioned by Remna, son of the mythic songwriter & vocalist Guinean, José Carlos Schwarz, who sang a beautiful song about Love.

One hour later the gala entered in its symbolical aspect and became a moment that our organization expresses his heartfelt thanks to the sponsors which was successively underlined with loud cheers. The thankfulness goes to: CV Motors, CV Multimédia, Shell Cabo Verde and individuals persons like Maria Alice Sanches, Maria Conceição Ribeiro da Silva, Manuela Brito, and Cláudia Monteiro.

In that international woman day (4th May) the President of CV Cap Vert Foundation, Mrs. Isabelle Clemence, appreciated all kind of collaborations and, more relevant, made sure about the importance of the event claiming that every child has the right to be educated in a warm family and, in that way, it, surely, become more simple making the goodness when everyone helps.

The Gala was finished later in the night beyond loud cheers. The children of CV Assomada and CV S. Domingos comeback home in their bus. They was tired but cheerful and certainly with the feeling that they are as equal as the others children in the society.