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General Director for Energy delivering low-energy light bulbs for SOS Cape Verde

In the framework of International Energy saving Day, the General Director for Energy, Mr António Baptista, delivered a kit with one hundred low energy bulbs to SOS Children's Villages Cape Verde, in the morning of 29 May, in the National Office of SOS Children’s Villages, located in Achada São Filipe, to celebrate this important day.
In this event the substitute of National Director, Mr Fernando Pinto, said "It is an honour to receive the General Director, António Baptista, and his team and we are happy to be the organisation selected to receive these bulbs which we expect might save energy consumption in all programmes of SOS Children's Villages in Cape Verde".
In his turn, the General Director for Energy, Mr António Baptista, said: "This choice was not a coincidence but was done as a result of the good works performed by SOS Children's Villages Cape Verde so far. We want to offer this kit on the day we celebrate the International Energy saving Day so that we can raise awareness to the population, children, young people, especially about the overconsumption of energy, so they can do something to save energy".
On a daily basis there are many examples of consumer choices or behaviours that can be understood into huge savings in energy at home, reflecting the price of electricity and gas and consequently a better quality of life for all.